Saturday, December 30, 2006


As ever, you'll see the detail/color better if you click on the image to enlarge. (More sketches later today, after I wander with my camera...have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!)


Anonymous said...

Ain't no better canvas than a blue sky!

John B. said...

You were kind enough to leave a comment at my blog, so I thought this native Austinite should return the favor and visit your place. I very much like the pictures and texts here, and I look forward to returning.

It is rainy here as well, though it's supposed to turn to snow sometime tomorrow.

MB said...

Yes! You have done what I've been unable to! In late afternoons when I walk through the grove, the sun sometimes lights up the shriveled leaves in a way not unlike this, but I have yet to be able to do it justice. This is very nice. Happy wandering and happy sketching!

Carmen said...

Hey Lori,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Its great to find kindred spirits on the 'net. Happy New Year!

polona said...

gorgeous colours!

Larry Ayers said...

What species is the tree? Nicely-composed as usual.

A happy new year to you, Lori!

Patry Francis said...

It has been so grey here. That color nourishes me!

Lori Witzel said...

Hello, everybody!

Charlie: I am so delighted that you come by with your cheery wit! Yepper, that blue sky is just the best contrast for those anthocyanins. :-)

John B.: You know, of course, that native Austinites are a rare thing around here. I do hope you'll come by again -- love your blog and I'll be back there too.

MB: These are hard colors to catch -- I crawled under a tree in a shopping mall parking lot and wriggled around in a half-crouch until I saw a patch I liked. That late afternoon winter light is so great for these things.

Camille: Same back 'atcha! Hope to "see" you again sometime!

Polona: Thanks so much!

Larry: I wish I knew -- it was either a young Carya illinoensis or (more likely) a mature Rhus lanceolata. Happy New Year to you too!

Patry: Welcome! It's rained (or rather, deluged) here recently, but we do have an abundance of bright days and colors -- am glad it slakes your color-and-light thirst!