Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lilies, a heavy-set man, and peas on earth


Anonymous said...

Love the flower sketch! The fellow at Whole Foods, well, I'm wondering what you were doing in the Men's Room. I am indeed notably envious on a continuing basis of your drawing skills. Mine have progressed little, though I am able to make a remarkable number of shades of brown and gray from mismixing colors, notwithstanding your tutorial, which no doubt is effective on those with even a sliver of raw talent. On the other hand, I did repair a toilet yesterday.

Hope all's well.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Lori, love these sketches. The lilies are lovely and your figures are always great. Just looking through your blog it seems to me that you just 'get' people. You just know how to draw them. I wish I could do that.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Excellent sketches and photos as always Lori! Great work.

amber said...

love the lily drawing i'd love to see this on canvas ..what do you think!

Lori Witzel said...

Contrary to popular belief, while I would go to far ends for Art, haven't been to the men's room at Whole Foods (or other venues) to find it. Yet.

Ref: Thanks for the extra plumbing advice, will see if I can put a Home Depot coupon to good use. ;-)

Andrea: I learned during what I call my "boot camp for artists," aka being an illustration major at a state university with a recent grad of the Art Center program for a professor. For example, we had to draw 500 sketches of people (kept in a sketchbook where one couldn't tear out the pages) for one class, not to mention the same class' bi-weekly assignments, master copies, and in-class work. I had the guy for two or three classes a semester. The volume of work helped me "get it."

Dave: Thanks so much! As I take these wobby drawing steps and continue to explore the camera, the encouragement is much appreciated.

Amber: I would too -- but that's for another time. First I want to get my drawing hand back in shape. ;-)

MB said...

I loved the title to this post!