Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mur eating Christmas dinner leftovers

He didn't look as tired as I drew here -- hard to catch his gaze flickering between the dinner and the DVD we were watching, even harder than catching his hand long enough to draw it.

And more about the relationship/conversation between photography and drawing/painting.


frank-h said...

very good, Lori!

you are doing beyond than very well!

Anonymous said...

Fab drawings.

I can draw and paint (but it's one of those skills I rarely practice with and don't enjoy as much as 3-D creations and working in various media). But I can really appreciate it when I see the skills of others!

Happy Boxing Day!

MB said...

Fascinating sketch!

Interesting links, too. The challenge for me with photography is to try to get the camera to represent what I'm seeing — and, of course, what I'm seeing is not simply what's there.

polona said...

the portretee looks so real... love it!