Saturday, April 07, 2007

Found and lost and found

I found this at almost the same time last year as I found what you see here below.

Last year, I was wandering around with a camera (no surprise, that.)

The Angels of Oddness led me around a bend, into a nice neat suburban neighborhood, down a winding street and POW!

Parked in someone's drive, a pentimentomobile complete with UFO warnings and more affixed to the rear windows to block those wanting to peek in. Popped out of my car, stole a few very quick not great pics, and dashed away.

In my haste last year, I hadn't noticed the very primary primer colors.

This year, The Angels of Oddness simply walked me down some asphalt at a custom car show, where I found it again.


Karen McL said...

Tis a GEM find - to be sure!

And a HAPPY EASTER tooo!

Anonymous said...

That is my kinda truck!

MjM said...

I can just hear this thing running:

Rum! blub, blub, blub, blub.

Larry said...

Angels of Oddness, eh? I've long wondered at what mysterious forces guide me to Just The Right Spot at Just The Right Time to see something amazing...