Friday, April 20, 2007

Gray and flambéed

Apologies to all my blog-friends for being such an infrequent commenter and visitor these past few weeks. It's now two weeks before two very important conferences (among other pressures) and my work-life has been on overload.

As a result, I've focused my increasingly limited time and energy to create/post. I won't be gray and flambéed forever, so look for more and better interaction from me mid-May.

I miss visiting you all, but I'll come by soon as I can, I promise.


m said...

Loving the photos (and captions), but miss the sketches. My sketching self lives vicariously through your posted works and thus has to fend for itself lately (of course, this is not a bad thing). Here's to your pending emergence from the work vortex. Take care.

raindog said...

oooooo. suh-weet! flamerific shot lori!

Pod said...


James-H said...

Clearly you live near a classic car lpot of some kind?

Willie Baronet said...

Good luck with your conferences! And I love this car. ;-)