Thursday, April 12, 2007

Too much monkey business

Work projects piling high, sleep getting thin, time for art jammed and shimmed.

Chuck Berry said it best about how things feel right now:

"...Too much monkey business, too much monkey business.
Don't want your botheration, get away, leave me! ..."

I don't want you to leave me, but I need to take a few days off to freshen my mind and get some rest.

I'll post something new this weekend, and I sure do appreciate you coming back around to see.


Pedro said...

Have a good rest.
We will be waiting for future posts.

Laureline said...

I've been wondering about you and hoping you weren't overloaded, but you are---please do take care and recharge your batteries. We need your sparky voice and exquisite eye out here in cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Miss Stress--
Drive off in that little car and take some R 'n R. E-hugs!

annie said...

This odd passer-by who likes to pass by won't abandon her route!

Get things taken care of, bounce back. Not burning out is more important than forcing hobbies.

amber said...

Dis Dress don't work too hard:)

am said...

Good to know you are taking care of yourself, Lori.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of a cool looking car. Thanks for your comment. I hope you're well. All the best, Stewart.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Wow! So much to catch up on Lori...sorry I've been a ghost around here. Off to see your goodies now!!!