Friday, May 25, 2007

Diggin' it

When I meet a plant I've been formally introduced to in the past, I'm always a little chagrined when I remember its "face" but can't recall its name.

Both flower and beetle were distracted, so no social gaffe occurred.

***'s Cirsium texanum!


Dave MacIntyre said...

Did some catching up on your shots I suspected, you never dissapoint! Great stuff!

Ed Maskevich said...

it's been much to long since I've said hello, so HELLO. Like you, I seem to remember faces but not names.

Mauricio said...

Hi Lori :o)

A bee with your new pink hair, so cool!

sweet weekend

Pedro said...

... some kind of hair... maybe "Blade Runner"...Great!

Granny J said...

In the past, my husband took many beautiful pictures of our local wildflowers to please me. Over the years, we became convinced that the shutter would not function if there were noinsect enjoying the blossom. Thank you of those days!

jarvenpa said...

back in the day when I remembered botanical names well I had a new friend who didn't, and who apologized profusely for calling flowers "large yellow flowers" and "tiny yellow flowers" and "flowers that aren't yellow" (she liked yellow a lot).

These days, alas, I find myself searching for names and coming up with..."large yellow flowers".