Sunday, May 06, 2007

It could happen.

It could happen that you are on a business trip, sitting in a chain Chinese restaurant, when a slender, odd old man who looks more than a little bit like a benign Sam Beckett walks by each table quietly handing out business cards that say:


And that, after finding an item on the menu titled
Dali Chicken.

(There's something surreal afoot, underneath the manicured commerce of it all.)


Reya Mellicker said...

Some people would never notice. But you have an eye for the real and the surreal. Your snip of life on the road sounds like a scene from the X-Files. Americana ... wow!

Lee said...

LOL, love the links and it sounds like my sort of experience :) hope you kept the never know when you might need it

Ernesto said...

"The number of watches and clocks to be found today must be an affront to eternity" -Charles Simic (Notebooks 1996-2006)

Ah, the persistence of time! What a lovely sketch, Lori.

Pod said...

i would have noticed such things too. a little twin peaky. how wonderful and funny!

MjM said...

Major points for panoptic cultural triangulation.


Vertigo is fun, as long as it doesn't spoil dinner, no?

Mise said...

Reminds me of O Henry's "The Green Door' :D