Monday, May 14, 2007

Grocery stores and airports

Why do I sketch in grocery stores and airports?

I'll sketch anyplace I can sit, unnoticed, where others also stay around for a while.


Reya Mellicker said...

Your sketches are beautiful! So humanizing. (Do you know what I mean by that?)

I look at people in airports and grocery stores, analyzing their physiologies, i.e. anterior tilt of the pelvis, internally rotated shoulders, etc. What I determine every time is that everyone needs a massage.

am said...

Ever since I started reading your blog, I have been trying to figure out how you are able to draw people without being noticed. That's an art in itself.

Larry said...

I especially liked the laptop guy, with his implied pot-belly.

The haiku-like spill-mopper sketch is also a winner; with just a few lines you captured the posture and focus on the chore.

albi(francesca perani) said...

love your sketches! just found your blog and i will came back