Friday, November 30, 2007


"...It takes a lifetime for a sigh to take effect..."


This, folks, is Chatoyance post number 1010.
And so I set out through virtual trails to find something interesting for you, using the number "1010" as a springboard.

I discovered (my ignorance is vast) the Shahnameh, written by Persian poet Firdausi around 1010. (BTW, the book is worth a look "Surprise me!" and you may find some astonishingly cool images.)

Firdausi lead me to Mirza Ghalib, the man whose ghazals elude even the most loving translators.

Thank you for walking these virtual wanderings with me, and Happy 1010 Day! If you have other interesting "1010" info to share, please do.


Anonymous said...

Alright! The first comment!

On October 10, 1965 "Vinland Map" is introduced by Yale University as being the 1st known map of America, drawn about 1440 by Norse explorer Lief Eriksson.

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lowenkopf said...

Firdausi also wrote the ultimate in dysfunctional family epics, Rustam and Sohrab, pitting father against son and foreshadowing some of the sectarian rivalries among our friends in the mid-East.

Happy 1010!

Pod said...

i'm sure whn i used to ride in my dad's truck he used to say on his cb radio "10 10 good buddy"

so 10 10 good buddy!

am said...

Meditation on the visual aspects of 1010:

For a starter, can be typed on a computer as:

I0I0 (eye-zero, eye-zero)
l0l0 (el-zero, el-zero)

IOIO (eye-oh, eye-oh)
lOlO (el-oh, el-oh)

I (eye) looks like l (el), but I is slightly shorter than l.

Wavy ribbon of "eyes" and "els":


Anonymous said...

10:10 p.m. every Friday night is what time we tuned in to channel 3, out of Memphis, when I's a kid back in the 60's, to watch Johnny Weismeuller(sp?)Tarzan movies.