Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Junk geometries

"...we may never happen on the object hung on
a mere chance
When and where one happens it will surprise us..."

From "Happily" by Lyn Hejinian


Anonymous said...

Outside a junk shop,
a quilt, the bars of a gate -
wandering shadows.

lowenkopf said...

You're back in my room again. I do resolve to become neater. Really.

Granny J said...

Lovely juxtaposition.

Larry said...

Oh, that's a nice shot, Lori! Right up my alley, so to speak. The irregular shadows behind the rigid rows of yellow rods are quite appealing. And that plastic grid towards the right which would like to be geometrically regular -- but life is short -- it's just too much work!

John Eaton said...

Lovely lines all around, Lori.

John Eaton said...

Oh, and tag the meme.

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