Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The other side

"...If the body is a temple, surely one's garden is like a mind,
half-seeded by the wind, ready to slip into its own peculiar madness..."

From "Guillotine Windows" by Deborah Digges


I'll see y'all on the other side of the US Thanksgiving...must carve out some time for my final class project! More posts early next week.


MB said...

This is beautiful, Lori, and a beautiful quote you paired with it!

am said...

Thank you for your photo, the poem you chose and this:

"Rather, we feel with the poet the force of affect raging through the body that stubbornly and culpably lives on despite the loss of a beloved."
(Joseph Campana)

Thanksgiving in a world of brutality and kindness and everything imaginable and unimaginable.

Looking forward to hearing more about A NEW BOOK OF HOURS.

lowenkopf said...

We for our part hope for some happy carving for you, turkey- and academy-wise.

It is no small thing, coming forth with written and visual illustrations each day. The oys of Texas are upon you.

Anonymous said...

Nice photograph.

As Samoset said to the Pilgrims before the first Thanksgiving, "Welcome, English. Do you have beer?"

kyknoord said...

Cool title :)

Pythia3 said...

Gorgeous photo and lovely words.
Hope you are well.
All the best, Lindy
Happy Thanksgiving, too :)

Mauricio said...

Hello friend,

Nice shadows...

Be fine.

Pedro said...


Pod said...

happy thanksgiving worzel...i mean witzel