Thursday, March 06, 2008

Apropos of Shelly's 3-5-08 #15

Milk Snake Dreams

I know you dream of driving my car to a coffee shop,
rippling out among the little pots of skim and cream where
your one brilliant coil will lasso them, your two-part tongue
will assay which dairy, what pasture, when milked. Thief in
stripes loud as a Hano clown’s, how do you expect to sneak up
on a cow, nudge her calf aside and suckle? You’re not fooling
anyone, telling yourself that heifer won’t notice as you wind
your thirst up her flank, pretend to be a gaudy 4-H ribbon
while breathing the moist grassy air beneath her udder.


Dale said...


This made me laugh and laugh.

R.L. Bourges said...

I sneak in sideways, as befits one of the two species you refer to, Lori. Who knows if the subtext to the cow's chewing isn't "red touches black, you're OK Jack; red touches yellow, you're a dead fellow." That is the way to distinguis between the milk snake and the deadly coral snake it mimics, yes?
Speaking of animals and Nearer My God to Thee moments check ou Brian Browne Walker for March 6
Talk of embracing your inner fears - literally.
Word verification comments: "fienezma"
I say amen to that.

MB said...

I will never look at those little pots of skim and cream the same way!