Saturday, March 22, 2008


" pleases me to think of you
reading this in another time and place,
at another chance axis of those old infinites..."

From "Why" by Michael Ryan


R.L. Bourges said...

"... Why can enter your dreams like a demon..." Heartbreak Hotel, this poem.
But... the lowly spider aphrodisiac? Who knew?

Granny J said...

But he is quite correct! My Arisona plants came to me from a dear friend in Memphis who had brought hers home from a dear friend in Chicago.

Dana S. Whitney said...

Did you do something magic to this photograph? Multiple exposures? Bizarre focal length or filters? It is a quintessential plant!

Unknown said...


This is such an incredible picture ... the color, texture, movement ... the plant looks like ribbon candy.

I love this.

Unknown said...

Came back to look at this again. I just adore this photo. If I saw it hanging up for sale somewhere, I'd buy it.