Saturday, April 26, 2008

Green velvet crush

"The older she gets,
the more she awakes
with somebody's face strewn in her head
like petals which once made a flower. ..."

From "Crush" by Carol Ann Duffy


Thanks to all you patient browsers, lurkers, un-common-taters who keep coming to visit despite the crush of schtuff that's making me seldom seen. I'll be posting more frequently after a while, but still in the thick of it.


Bobby D. said...

Oh My... the green... it's like um, classy! yeah that's it--classy.

I like the color combo--now that my eyes have adjusted.

lowenkopf said...

Happy thickness. We'll wait it out.

R.L. Bourges said...

and what if the medievalists had a treasure trove of marginalia on crushed velvet in the secret caves below the Vatican? Hm? What then? (frankly? I have no idea except that Red Devils on Crushed Velvet must be worth another ten pages on your project - no, don't hit me, just joking I swear.)
hang in there, almost done, Lori.

Lori Witzel said...

Ah, the uncommontaters meet the green velvet!

D. Chedness: There I was, minding my own beezwax and gazing at sweet faux-entropy when WHAM! The most greeny-green crushed velvet beckoned, saying "Ride with me."

Shelly: It is that, now that I'm wrapping things up. Thanks!

Lee: I am so sure they, or at least some Albigensians, did hide a bunch of wicked lil' glyphs under crushed velvet pillows. Red Devils on Crushed Velvet -- sounds like a goth-rockabilly band of the sort that some of these car-artists listen to...but aayyyyyiiiieee, not ten more pages! :-)