Sunday, April 06, 2008

Serape jalopy

"Innocent decision: to enjoy. ..."

From "Triple Feature" by Denise Levertov


Stole away from schoolwork for a couple of hours and found some rusty goodness at the Lonestar Rod & Kustom Round-Up (all except one of what I caught was made in Texas.)


R.L. Bourges said...

Stunning photograph, Lori.

But, how strange: I just posted a Russian cartoon as a comment on John Eaton's blog about flying. I come here and find Denise Levertov talking about...a sack full of wings and her father as a little boy in Russia.

Glad you went outside to play for awhile.

x said...

I'd wear that. Including the car.

Dana S. Whitney said...

Accidental color harmony my arse!
Gorgeous find.

raindog said...

my, what a nice find! and great framing with a rusty curve in one corner opposite curves of brilliant color. very nice.

Bobby D. said...

I like the colors--the bright cloth is really eye catching, and i like the drips on the right, with sunlight and curve.

San said...

Saucy find.

Mauricio said...

Hi Lori!!!

Many time I don´t stop. busy :o(

Wonderful rust.

Good to see you art :o)

Hugs my friend

Bubba said...

Wow! What a great interpretation and title... which came first, the chicken or the egg?

James-H said...

A lot to like here. Which is more colorful? Which is more basic? Which has truer craftsmanship? Which feels more forgotten?