Friday, April 11, 2008

Metal flake-out

" can run away from nothing but the details. ..."

From "You, Me, Happy, Sometimes" by William Waltz


R.L. Bourges said...

That is one freaky car light and one great poem.
Here's to freaks, clowns, jokers and oddballs - long may they thrive. (And now, back to my serious homework - thanks for the break, Lori. Much appreciated.)

lowenkopf said...

Splendid shot but in this viewer's eyes, too removed from the theme of what Texas does to cars. Yes, yes, I know, Dallas and Houston are alive with the sound of Beemers, and Austin has more than a few well-kept Audis and Porsches, but the joys of rust and sun-baked reality inform many of the earlier shots to a stunning degree.

Lori Witzel said...

Hey y'all -- still working, but needed a respite and am glad to see you on the site.

Lee: May there always be a joker in our decks!

Shelly: More rust to come, o' course, and I appreciate your editorial eye (even if I am a fool for a kandy-metal-pearl-flake hot-rod.) That said, the rust on many of the previous and soon-to-come pics are an artifice, a current fashion in the kustom kar world -- the style is called "rat rod" and it's a deliberate and artful oxidizing, sanding, and stripping process that's almost a baroque riff on the theme of rust.

It is a nice visual expression of the elemental strafe that can occur in the heat, sun, dirt and hail here -- but most of what I find has been carefully made bare-bones and rusty, rather than naturally made so.

Y'all can delve deeper here:

Pod said...

they just don't make 'em like that no more

Nadinha said...

These photos are very inspiring

raindog said...

fantastic! always love your tightly cropped, shiny car shots.

Bobby D. said...

I'm with Pod. That's a rare sight and a beauty.

neilornstein said...

I dream of that car with the lipstick headlights

from a time when women wore really serious lipstick

and the worthiness of a man could,
with a fair degree of accuracy
be judged by the the size of his automotive parts

and what's more - fins,fins, fins
How could we let them go?


" can run away from nothing but the details....." everyone auto know that.

Stay on groovin' safari,

am said...

A good poem refuses to cower in the box of reason; it chooses to roam the gray area between this world and the next. (William Waltz)

That could be said about your photos as well as your poetry.

What a funny funny thought. Rust as artifice.