Friday, May 02, 2008


"...Do you wish to come with me?
You know how in a landscape you see distances?
We can blur that. ..."

From "The Guardian Angel of Not Feeling" by Jorie Graham


Surrounded by sabbage meowing kats...but despite the press of paws, happy that tomorrow, at long last, I'll get outside to see what I can see. (Although the pic above was from a tiny bit of wandering I did this past Thursday, I wasn't Outside Enough for my taste.)


Dale said...

When I write your authorized biography --(please? okay, be that way) -- when I write your unauthorized biography, I'm going to call it Outside Enough.

lowenkopf said...

That's my kind of photo, drawing me to it as though I were the bug and you the windshield. Much as I admire your automobile photos--and I do admire then fiercely--these "other" images define a terrain that speaks volumes about places away from the hype and hustle of the urban cancer.

R.L. Bourges said...

"...we can blur that..."
How sweet is that?

(and of course, I went clambering through the links you provided and found this beautiful sentence about poetry attempting to portray "not a thought but a mind thinking".

Enjoy the Great Outside more than enough, chica.