Saturday, May 31, 2008

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"... The wild old man in the bear suit parted his lips

& out came a snatch of extinct birdsong. ..."

From "Inner Life" by Srikanth Reddy


As I left the airplane late Friday, the tarmac-furnace of Texas summer was a welcome change from the other kind of annealing provided by the past week's work.

Glad to be back, and while there's more work this weekend I see a respite ahead.

Thanks for your comments and visits -- will be stopping by your sites soon!


am said...

Wow! Srikanth Reddy, "Inner Light," and the close-up of your photo. Please place here. It is good to have a home and to be there, isn't it?

Dale said...


I don't know if the photo or the quotation is more mysterious.

But anyway -- welcome back!

Pod said...

love this pic
how ya doing?