Sunday, August 03, 2008

Break it down/up

"...because of the wreck
that was expected (and metal given velocity
and heft to assure it)—
we became adepts..."

From "'Wreck' and 'rise above'" by Eleanor Wilner
(Please see the poem link for correct linebreaks and spacing.)


raindog said...

hot diggity dog! looks like an old train or thats what i think of. oh, the rusty goodness and faded type. nice find!

lowenkopf said...


Anonymous said...

So surprisingly pink and lavender.

"Do not go gentle" popped into my head. Must've caught the "dismantle" before my brain knew consciously what it was.

Bubba said...

Beautiful art *and* social commentary... sublime blend.

Lori Witzel said...

Hey all y'all -- hope you are cooler than our lovely sweltering 103 F Texas heat today...

I have been particularly slammed with work and scholarly meanderings, hence the ragged pacing for posts. No end in sight, but there's no end to the rust I can find either. :-)


Raindog: You got it -- and surprisingly, this was next to a wildlife preserve in Eugene that abutted a farm. Why was an old train car brought so far from the tracks? Dunno -- nothing stored on it or in it that I could see.

Shelly: I am a fool for pentimento'd rust.

Marly: That's part of the charm for me of a well-oxidized train...the harmonic and dissonant tones, the beautiful accidents.

Bubba: Thanks and aw shucks, Your Bubbaness.

am said...

Rust still speaks to me. Thanks for these. For a while, I lost my voice along with my energy for reading blogs but it's returning. Kind wishes to you!