Saturday, August 23, 2008

Through the roof

"...Suppose we were the first to begin
Living forever. Let's start
Right now. ..."

From "The Slop Barrel: Slices of the Paideuma for All Sentient Beings" by Philip Whalen


lowenkopf said...

Yeah! That's hot. And a keeper.

Dale said...

Oh my God, what a wonderful photo!

Mauricio said...

Hello Lori!

Ever a great photo.


am said...

It's dark and rainy here, but I now I can see the blue sky you can see through your camera lens, through the old building, through its broken roof, beyond the leaves of the trees. Thanks so much, lori!

lowenkopf said...

Man! You're on some serious business business.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are evocative. This quote is great.