Tuesday, August 05, 2008

These particular trees

"...I was all the same then,
Walking repeatedly past this or that remote place,
Carrying my particular scenery on my back."

From "Scenery" by Lu De-An


lowenkopf said...

I could get with that.
It is yet aother side of you.

Dale said...

Don't try to tell me that's Texas!

Lori Witzel said...

Hi folks!

S: If I could only find a back-pack big enough for all my particular scenery...

Dale: Oh, darn, you caught me! :-) Nope, still riffling through pix of Eugene. Hope to have time enough this weekend to wander for a while in our chilly 100+ temps and see what I can see in Central Texas.

edward said...

it looks so refreshing.

mansuetude said...

love the poem.

am said...

I wondered if that was Texas, too!

Those trees look familiar to me. Maybe I saw them when I was in Eugene in April. A friend and I and her 3-year-old grandson walked on a riverside trail.

Thanks so much for the link to the interview with Lu De-An who said:

". . . the most important thing was that, realizing the charm of ordinary reality, I allowed my poetry to return to everyday language and everyday things . . . "

raindog said...

beautiful! another one of your wish-i-was-there scenes.

Lori Witzel said...

Hey all y'all!

Eddy: It was, and I wish that RGB 72 dpi could do justice to the slant golden light I saw. Now go play!

Mansuetude: Yeah, me too -- the Chinese poets on that site were all very interesting.

am: It may have been the same trail -- there was a really nice park, lots of stuff for my lil' nephew and a family friend's little girl to play on, and a long winding trail alongside a river. But then, Eugene seemed to be full of rivers...

rd: Thanks much -- it ain't rust and entropy, but it speaks to other parts of me and I'm glad it did for you as well.

Pod said...

this is fab. i long to linger here
and thank you so for your kind words lori witzel