Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ghost money

"...The barn and sheds were built
In the Great Depression. Someone

Had money and a big idea. ..."

From "Western Civilization" by James Galvin


Granny J said...

Oh, that one hurts in this economy.

am said...

Your latest series, with patchwork buildings, is intriguing. And it's always good to see some deep blue sky. It's been almost exclusively dark and grey here since December 13.

I've heard of Hungry Ghosts but not about ghost money. And to think that the Hungry Ghosts will be present for two months this year! Yikes!

lowenkopf said...

There is an elegant grace to these old buildings. Of course we will say nothing of the eyes that beheld them, calculated the angle, the shutter opening, and the speed. Nothing at all. But we will speculate that had Pod been there, he'd have added a splash of Bovrils.