Friday, January 02, 2009

Tumped over

Under the heading of "the best-laid plans"...up early for work, went to take the trash out, tripped and did a spectacular header into the (who knew?) sharp hard plastic edge of the trash bin. One worried hubbie and seven stitches in the top of my noggin later, I'm home, hoping I feel up to taking pics this weekend.

I had always heard head wounds bleed a lot.
That turns out to be accurate information.

I also learned from the EMTs who came to our house, as well as the ER nurse who went over post-stitch (or more correctly, post-staple) care, that trash cans have injured others in similar ways.

Let this be a lesson to me...or something...and please consider this my apology-in-advance if I'm not crawling about with a camera in time to post more before I travel to my parents' next week.

(And yes, it's okay to laugh. I did, once I realized I wasn't going to be dead from head-butting the trash bin.)


Unknown said...

Oh, dear.

You're right -- this is the one thing I've never done, nor come close to doing. :-)

I'm glad you're OK ... not least because I shudder to think of the obituary if the worst had occurred.

am said...

Oooooooh . . . Lori!
What a relief to hear that you're going to be okay after that.

The cartoon did make me laugh for an instant until I realized it was an approximation of what really happened to you this morning. And I did laugh again after you said you had laughed, too.

After I broke my left 5th finger on the steering wheel of my car, while driving down the street early in December on a day where I was SURE that I was going to make some progress in getting a job, I looked at my bent finger in disbelief and began to laugh harder than I've laughed in a long time. I'm still mystified how I could have broken my non-osteoporotic finger in that way.

Take good care of yourself while your noggin heals, my friend!

Lori Witzel said...

I'm glad I live in a place where there's a verb, "tumped," that makes even the most alarming pratfalls sound cute. Is this what happens when you're the sort of person who should have run away to join the circus, but didn't?


David: I got quite a belly-laugh from the obit imagining -- OMG!!! Thanks for adding to my post-slapstick giggle fit.

am: You busted up your little finger from steering? My goodness -- did the power steering fluid vamoose, or what?! I'm glad we all can laugh at this stuff -- it beats the alternative response!

BTW, my hubbie stayed home today after this morning's drama, and he thoughtfully grabbed that diagram I made and put it on his 'puter as a desktop image. It gave me yet another laugh, but OWWW laughing makes those staples hurt!

mansuetude said...


i have had my moments, my husband tells me i am trying to fly... and well, we all know about Icarus.

ouch... take a good deep rest. don't apologize...we will be here.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're laughing at this point. A scar gives a woman such allure - specially when she's laughing. (over left eye? right? centered?)

Dale said...

I wish you could have heard my wife's exclamations of sympathy and distress! I'm one of the bad people who started laughing (albeit with wrinkled, concerned, forehead), but she, being a much better person than I, was exclaiming "ow! ow!" and didn't laugh at all. Well, until David brought up the obit. We all have our limits.

Dana S. Whitney said...

So some Texans are NOT as hard headed as garbage containers. What a relief after the passt 8 years. Hope your head is happy and feeling better.
A friend of my parents' broke HER little finger pulling on a girdle, back in the day...
And while laughing at obits is probably poor form, I think if cause of death were always posted, we'd find that death isn't as serious as we expect.
Happy New Year.

Olga Norris said...

Many years ago I had a Jungian dream therapist friend who saw meaning in all incidents like this. I suspect that she would have been concerned about your haste to trash your intellectually creative output, and that you should take time to consider where you are going.

Although her analyses used to drive me mad, as you can see they left an impression, and I find myself looking for odd meanings in random events. However, I do hope that you are soon happily unstapled, and with restored equilibrium get that lens clicking again.

Lori Witzel said...


Mansuetude: Flying...yes, this was oddly similar, only lower to the ground...

Anony: Alas -- and don't ask me how I did this -- the wound was right at the very top of my head. No film noir bad girl scars will be visible, unless I shave my head. I think I was still holding onto the trash bin like some kind of rodeo cowboy, and as it tipped over I pulled myself right into it, crown-chakra first. (And that goes to Olga's notion...)

KPW: Yes, unlike our not-soon-enough-departing-from-office W., I can tell it's not a good thing to get covered in trash of one's own making. *musical interlude* "I fought the trash, and the - the trash won...*

Olga: OMG. I forgot about the Jungian thingie! Well, let's see...while removing detritus from my life, the garbage and I lost balance -- as a result of my NOT letting go in time, punched a fast access path to my crown chakra, with the appropriate ritual blood-letting and the fear that accompanies all good initiation ceremonies. (Appropriate, since I'm enjoying studying the leavings of culture and since I like to take pics of rusty things.) I was reassured by those who came post-ceremony that others have done this particular ritual -- however, they were discreet about not mentioning the particulars of others' Wounding By Trash.

Lori Witzel said...

Dale -- I must still be a bit dinged to have missed commenting back! I grinned about the two of you, your wife having empathy/sympathy pain, you guffawing in concern, and then both of you being dissolved into giggles by David's obit thoughts...thanks for the early-day smiles. I'm feeling better, albeit feeling like I have a small bird clinging to the top of my head from the staples' grabbing.

lowenkopf said...

Way not to go, Lori.

Lori Witzel said...

Shelly: *snork*

Perhaps I need to see what the Acme Company has in the way of Protection from Malicious Trash Bins.

Had I been of the coyote persuasion, there would have been a long moment of suspension -- both of disbelief and in mid-air -- before the law of gravity wrote its painful citation.

Nadinha said...

I wish you will be better soon.
It was not a very aesthetic accident... nor very dramatic...
But at least you had the time to look at my blogs.

Anonymous said...

My first thought at the picture was of the first episode of the new Doctor Who. (I'm a freak.)

My first thought after reading your post was--ouch. Sorry. Hope you are okay.

Then a totally random thought is--I once slammed my head in a car door. Talk about absurd accidents.

Lori Witzel said...

NĂ¡dia: Thanks so much! While it was not very aesthetic (I promise to have a more aesthetic accident next time...but I hope I can wait a few decades) it seemed very dramatic at the time, with the horror-movie bleeding and all. And yes, I do have my priorities. :-)

Mapelba: I work in a software company. I recognized the actress who plays Rose Tyler as the evil character in recurring bit on "Law and Order." Jack Harkness cracks me up. Do I qualify for freakdom too? Oooh, head in a car door?! Wow! I am impressed! All is fine, although now a bit sore and itchy. I hope that airport security doesn't need to wand me, what with my new metallic ornaments.

Anonymous said...

I think I know the evil character of which you speak and they're not the same person--though they do look related. The Law & Order devil woman thinner in the way that American TV insists.

Nadinha said...

I wish you have no more accidents at all, neither aestetic nor inestetic.
it was a bit of european irony. :)
Best wishes.

raindog said...

whoa! and _i_ thought taking out the garbage was a pain. :) ... heal quickly.

Anonymous said...


I suppose it could have been even more spectacular. Some of the commonest things are the most dangerous. Shopping carts are a huge cause of ER visits, mostly because parents don't buckle their children in or make them sit properly.

Or so I hear...

Now it seems that trash cans are turning against us.

Be well. I'll have to visit more often. As soon as I'm too busy and go away, things happen!

Squirrel said...

Lori, hope you're feeling better, a sharp plastic edge can do much more damage than stone steps! (I did a header into stone steps at Thanksgiving -- just some bad scrapes) but STITCHES--7 is a lot. heck, 4 is a lot in the noggin area.

now I know to keep the lid on those things and approach with extreme caution.

take care take care take care!

MjM said...

This is what I saw when first saw your graphic.