Sunday, January 04, 2009

One more for the road

"...we are windows propped up against the sky,
quotations of light waiting to sail
into your aperture, calling because because
and now now now. ..."

From "Not That It Could Be Finished" by Ann Lauterbach


Heading out, staples and all, to visit my parents...back with new posts in about a week or so. Remember, be safe out there...


Dale said...

You too. I'm approaching all trash cans with great caution now.

xoxo have a good trip!

mansuetude said...

its the yard that's dangerous, we all need to go out into the 'dangerous" world...

love the lines you quote from the poem..

MB said...

Go forth with satisfied tumptitude. I think you've fulfilled your quota for now. I can't get rid of your image of a small bird perched on your head! ...Extra wings to help you sail through all apertures?

Have a great trip!

Mauricio said...

Um ano novo bonito, Lori!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just caught up with your trash can news. Hope you have fun on your trip to make up for it! Have a great time!

jarvenpa said...

*stares at trash can warily*
I'm so sorry you were injured, though your drawing is delicious there.
Good journey to parents! You know, I just found an old telegram informing my dad of his being hired by the gov't (after he got out of the AF) back in the 60's...and the person signing it had your last name. Any relatives who were in So California back in the day?

raindog said...

i'm always drawn into images of doors. nice capture.