Saturday, August 01, 2009


Artwork by Max Gimblett
Australia by Moonlight, 2004
22 x 30"
Pencil, acrylic polymer, Swiss gold leaf / Arches watercolor paper


Resorted to someone else's creative energy since I am flat out of fresh pix and running on fumes.

In this in-between-seeing-and-catching time, here's what's on my preoccupied mind:
Hubbie's post-surgical recovery.
The subject of my Fall schoolwork.
Tattoos, and tattoos that aren't tattoos.
Work work, and being behind thereof.
Hopefully visiting a New York friend who has a song by these guys for a ring-tone.
My upcoming surgery.

If all is well at Chez Witzel today, I may go wander tomorrow. Meanwhile, we're all going back down for naps.

P.S.: A shout-out to those krazy kids who've posted Birthday Greetings on my seldom-seen Facebook Wall. You all made me smile!


R.L.Bourges said...

Boy. Delville's book on Sixteenth Century Exegesis in Europe looks like the answer to an insomniac's prayers.

Wishing you an excellent nap. The artwork by Gimblett is gorgeous.

steven said...

sweet post with lots of dipping and diving that reminds me to start preparing for my teaching, to use what time is left in the break to look at the work of artists like gimblett who are not known to me, to wish you well in the various medical interventions that have appeared. have a peaceful sunday. steven

jarvenpa said...

Beautiful art, thanks for sharing. May all go well in all aspects of your life, my dear, and the year ahead be full of glimmer and sparkle and joy.