Friday, August 21, 2009

Behind the shed

"...The opera of. Hummingbirds. MOVE,
an optimum crow and spider sparkle newly. ..."

From "Many Colored Squares" by Philip Whalen


Move? A little slow and difficult post-surgery, but we do what we can. Hope all y'all like the free stuff I found.


Dale said...


Free stuff, like Lori's photos & quotations.


R.L.Bourges said...

thanks for the freebies. The poem always resonates better after I've looked at the photo you pair with it.

be well.

lowenkopf said...

Someday we'll compare notes on post op. Good stuff to have in the past. Be sure to take all your brisket.

Granny J said...

As ever, a wonderful find -- and pairing.