Saturday, August 08, 2009

Flower ladder

"...Nor do I like the mathematicians who tell me
I cannot say, 'The zinnias are counting on their

From "My Dog Practices Geometry" by Cathryn Essinger


steven said...

such a beautiful picture . . . everything - even the cinder block - looks softened. the plants give even as they are taking back their kind . . . . . steven

Dale said...


Anonymous said...

I refuse to believe Cathryn Essinger's dog does not read Plato - not even The Banquet? come on.

good health to you, Lori.

jarvenpa said...

Beautiful. I am always so grateful for your discerning eye. It's like taking a walk with a friend who is always saying "look at that!"

Granny J said...

Surely no mathematician would be so cruel!

Still Taking Notes said...

I AM Cathryn Essinger, and while my dog does not read Plato, I do have some who cook and drive.

The picture is beautiful and interesting! And what do those flowers want with a ladder?