Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dim rainbow

Made me think of JMW Turner.
Doing a Google search, I found Turner was also a poet.

From his poem Fallacies of Hope, excerpted for his 1843 painting The Morning After the Deluge:
“…In prismatic guise
Hope’s harbinger, ephemeral as the summer fly
Which rises flits, expands and dies. …”


Dave MacIntyre said...

This is nice!! Softly muted although vibrant nonetheless. Great shot!

Willie Baronet said...

Beautiful light and color. :-) Saw your comment on Trevor's blog.

micki said...

Isn't it wonderful how we never lose that excitement when we see a rainbow in the sky?

Tricky Trev said...

You're right, this is a rather dark rainbow. Turner might've been onto something there with a dim outlook. Bah, we all have those days! We need to think of sunnier things to bring us out of our realistic somber state.

My question about your post is this; Where's the Gay Pride Parade at the other end of this rainbow?!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

nice camera capture here.

kasturi said...

this is beautiful, and thanks for sharing more about Turner

frank-h said...

you see, lori? - tom google is my private investigator too!

your image is wonderful
so delicate and dreammy

really beautiful

Anonymous said...


Thanks for making me feel so intelligent, though I don't deserve it. Meanwhile I was rooting in your past pictures.

Didn't know Turner was a poet. Prismatic, ephemeral: sounds like his material.

It's hard to avoid a corny rainbow. Good job. I like the darkness.