Monday, July 10, 2006

Moody Monday: Infectious

Silly grin? I caught infectious.


Dave MacIntyre said...

A smile for all seasons in this window! ;o)

MjM said...

How do you do it! How do find these photos?

What an eye, woman.


Karen McL said...

Another *any holiday* house?

Or just use this All Purpose Holiday decoration.


Tricky Trev said...

Silly grin, eh? I think that's probably scurvy that you've caught. It tends to swell the gums which might make you feel like your're smiling uncontrollably. You prolly' caught it over at the Tart's blog, what with all of her open seas and Pirate talk. :P

Start suckin' dem' limes!

Andy Spiegel said...

Oh look -- it's the MarCom department!