Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Not gone yet

For all my American friends, Happy Independence Day!
And for all, happy independent thinking, creativity, and heart!


Dave MacIntyre said...

Happy July 4th Lori!

Great shot to honour the day!

Willie Baronet said...

Back atcha baby!!

Ed Maskevich said...

another rock solid statement. Happy 4th.

Khristina said...

Hello Lori!

Happy 4th! (I'll suppress my official political science lecture!) Heh, do you have time to help me with the links? Shall we talk by phone sometime? I'd appreciate the help. My mind doesn't seem to be bending the right way in this matter.

You are on such a roll with these photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi-Happy 4th! At least Bush & Cheney were only able to eliminate the "Y". We still have most of our liberties, but as Mel Allen described a Yankee home run---going, going, gone!
Mom & Dad

micki said...

and a Happy Fourth to you as well!! Hope it's a memorable one!

Pedro said...

Allways a keen eye to find the exquisit and beauty.
Happy 4th!

Lori Witzel said...

Hey everybody, that was really my dad -- I can tell because of the baseball citation! Mel Allen was a good sportscaster, nice to see him cited.
Hi back, Dad!

Rock on, everyone, and thanks for all the feedback, it helps keep me fueled for more.

Khristina, am a little shy about the phone but happy to help with links thru e-mail, just write me at lwitzel at and we can get you set up.

Tricky Trev said...

Happy Independence Day to you Lo-Wi!
Isn't it great?! 'Mer'kins blowin' shit up and gettin' drunk! Gawd bless the US.

BTW: Don't you Texans forget, this day is about THEE Republic of the United States of America...
Not just you lot. If you keep up with this succession talk we may be forced to give you back to Mexico. You saw what happened to that "Y" in Liberty. ;)

MjM said...

What? Fireworks got a little out-of-control and blew off some letters there?



Andy Spiegel said...

Not gone, but getting chipped away.