Friday, July 28, 2006



Dave MacIntyre said...

Cool abstract shot Lori! You never let me down! :D

Dick the Boomer said...

This one jumped out at me as soon as I saw it! (not literally) I love it.

Water on...?

Lori Witzel said...

Dick -- thank goodness not literally! Was worried that alien technology somehow invaded my pixels making them hologram out or something.

Not to be too mercurial, but...will keep y'all guessing until a bit later.

TheTart said...

I love this .... what is it?

The Tart
; )

MB said...

As a child, I once broke a mercury thermometer. Little silvery-blue beads all over the rug. Not unlike these droplets.

Ed Maskevich said...

Mecurial messages make my mind mellow.

Willie Baronet said...

Wonderful light. And I loved mercury as a child too. That could come back to bite me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wet wooden deck(?)
Always wonderful.

Lori Witzel said...

Hi y'all!

Thanks for waiting to find out it's a...


Thursday morning went out for breakfast -- had to go to work wayyy early. On my way out of the restaurant, in the dim just-after-sunrise light, I walked through the restaurant's overflow courtyard and past three small coffee tables with a couple of very shiny slatted metal chairs at each. The chairs were wet -- looked like a sprinkler system had watered them nicely. Noted their beautiful shade of silvery blue.

Got to my car, kept thinking about that blue, and thought better about walking by. Grabbed my camera and a tripod, and caught this before driving off to the workday.

Chairs. Metal. Shiny. Wet. Mercurial.
For you.

Tricky Trev said...

Nice shot. It looks like a close-up of MecaGodzilla's skin.

MjM said...

Mmm. Slippery wet metal goodness.