Tuesday, May 01, 2007


"... Grace catches you out like a hook,
you're pulled out of yourself, a moment,

and that's the ache: peculiar blow,
reminded you aren't who you think you are. ..."

-- Mark Doty, The Pink Poppy


(One other random bit about poppies, from Theocritus:
" ...For the Greeks Demeter was still a poppy goddess
Bearing sheaves and poppies in both hands. ..." — Idyll vii.157)


Reya Mellicker said...

Lovely! The Gold Poppy is a name given to me during a magical initiation, so I resonate deeply with all tales of poppies. Probably I speak for Blue Poppy as well.

Thank you!

Pica said...

Beautiful photo. Thanks Lori.

Pedro said...

Some Springs they are very difficult to find. This year we have a lot of golden poppys here.
Nice photo.

Susanna said...

I love that flower pic. They look like plastic pod, and then explodes with a wow flower.

Anonymous said...

Great photo !

Pod said...

i know another poppy goddess. i think you do too. what agreaat poem. hope the business trip ain't too tedious! ;0)

(ps. is susan calling me plastic?)

paris parfait said...

Beautiful photo and quote.

mm said...

Oh yes. And the words match the photograph so wonderfully well. Thank you for both.