Monday, January 07, 2008

Looking up

"...a single touch, the living, a lantern
swinging above the door..."

From "The Invention of Streetlights" by Cole Swensen


am said...

Don't have time to read the poem today, but thank you so much for the LIGHTS and LOOKING UP!

lowenkopf said...

Pretty well nails it, Lori.

R.L. Bourges said...

an abundance of riches, this one. for now I'll take a little slice of:
" We opened all our windows
and looked out on a listening world laced here and there with points of light,
Notre Dame of the Unfinished Sky,
oil slicks burning on the river; someone down on the corner
striking a match to read by."

(and just in case blogger still insists on calling me "anonymous" this is lee looking on up from down by the riverside.)

thanks again, Lori

Lee said...

those remind me of gourds :)