Friday, January 18, 2008


"...if solidity is the basic state

that matters, it’s obvious what happens..."

From "The Culture of Glass" by Thylias Moss


R.L. Bourges said...

"with seeing eye dog sleeping on a braided rug half-under
the bed of a blind girl, the girlishness not an issue,
the dog not meant to be her guide into decisions, just
crossings to which she becomes committed independently"

wouldn't we all like that; specially in tall old houses with dark, treacherous stairs. (Or maybe we only think we want a seeing-eye dog until we start seeing what he shows us.)

best to you, lori.

am said...

When I saw the word "vitreous," my former-medical-transcriptionist-mind stretched to "vitreous humor." Until today, I had forgotten what "vitreous" meant. Now when I see that word, I will think of the headlights of old cars and poets. Words and images at play.

Thanks so much for the links to Thylias Moss' poetry.

San said...

Any poet who starts off with Columbo's absent eye is A-OK in my book. That was the eye that really took in the crime scene.

Pod said...

happy nude year lori!!

Bobby D. said...

what can I say? I love glass.

and auto headlamps are cool.
tomorrow I am actually going lamp shopping.

I can't sit in the dark any longer.