Friday, February 08, 2008


"...the tinware,
the gun-gray curlings of salt-tongue.
Not rainbowed at all..."

From "The Fish" by Linda Bierds


R.L. Bourges said...

I don't know which I admire most: the cormorant, the fish, the Archer, the Scorpion or the Painter, the photographer, the... I'm starting to sound like the mc at the end of a show :-)

lowenkopf said...

This is in its quirky way a tribute to diversity and the potential of randomness. Much admired here in downtown Santa Barbara, CA.

z said...

I love what you do here on this blog with words and images pairedup in your own idiosyncratic vision, creating a sort of poem-collage. I have to try it.

Pod said...

i love the way you couple word and picture so well...

Lori Witzel said...

Hey y'all!

I had lunch with a friend last weekend after enjoying ourselves thoroughly by looking at art supplies (which I may go back and get for this semester's schoolwork.) Saw this on a fence-line around the back of the restaurant, near their garden.

Lee: Wasn't that a great poem? I have so much fun educating myself by these means.

Shelly: Long live The Random, and the sparkle in your eyes. Hope Peet's is serving up good stuff these days, wish I had one o' them here. (There's an "unverified listing" for one down near the UT campus, but I don't recall seeing it on my library treks.)

TIV: Go for it -- all my pics are rapidly fresh-caught, serves to offset my much slower poem productivity that I find others' words a fit.

Pod: You're baaaacckk! :-) Robust keyword searches are my friend for these random associations. That, and coffee.

Anonymous said...

Jeezus! I really like this post!

raindog said...

my, my ... rust, blue skies and kitchen utensils. great capture!

MB said...