Saturday, February 02, 2008


"'s history, that ceiling
comprised of recessed squares..."

From "Catastrophe Theory III" by Mary Jo Bang


Anonymous said...


John Eaton said...

Ikes and ministers of grace defend us!

R.L. Bourges said...

"the inevitable gap tragic. Sure, tragic."

Or magic.

Or both.

lowenkopf said...

If the ministers won't defend us, John will. Way to go, John. And of course, Miz Lori's photo shoot gets us, coming and going.

Anita Nowacka said...


i was thinking today about you! few hours ago, as i drove to see clients. i wanted to come back to your work and see where it took you and here you came with your e-mail as well to my blog. very nice, i like it. you are so prolific and with interesting angles. my stuff takes so long. it is medium format and needs to be developed in the darkroom first and then scanned!!! can you believe that? and i still need to go to the store and buy film too. how have you been? school? work? i bet, yes to all these.
wish you a great year.


MB said...

Icycles. Got a few of those around here. ;-)