Thursday, February 28, 2008

Checkered, past

"Each evening, the sins of the whole world collect here like a dew.
In the morning, little galaxies, they flash out
And flame..."

From "THERE IS NO SHELTER" by Charles Wright


R.L. Bourges said...

Lori: I would have to quote back the entire Poetry Center Review to you to tell you what I liked most about it. So I'll just settle for mentioning that your blue and white checkerboard matches nicely with the older woman's checkered velvet tam o'shanter in paragraph 7 of the article.
Oh and this perhaps:
"We all only have about four or five things to say. We have to keep telling ourselves that we're saying something else. ... You write for what's beyond you and better than you, and you hope to become part of that."

Dale said...


lowenkopf said...

The graphic trumps the verse. Your POV while taking.

Are these images from in or about Austin? If so, you have another photo book. Stephen Shore's small New Mexico town. Egelston's small town. Tod Hido's houses at night. Geez, Lori, you're on to some good stuff.

San said...

Charles Wright--one of my favorites!

The image is beautiful too.

Lori Witzel said...

A quick drive-by before I grab more coffee and get more work done here at The Press of Commerce Central...

Lee: Howdja think I found the Wright citation, except through searches using "checkered" and "poetry"? (All puns and grins intended.)

Dale: :-)

Shelly: Okay, okay already...I may take this offline and rope you into some helping, so be warned. FYI, almost all I share was photographed in or near Austin -- certainly almost all in Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country. The few exceptions are during biz trips or family visits.

San: Thankyewverymuch. ;-)

am said...

"Not everyone can see the truth, but he can be it'"
(Charles Wright)

"Why make the journey alone when there's such good company?"

"If this seems like a miracle it's because it is."
(Philip Levine)

I am picturing a book of your photographs and your poetry.

Thanks again, lori!

lowenkopf said...

Stephen Shore's Los Alamos for the way with pix, Lori. Does your camera have the ability to save in RAW format? I know, RAW takes up space,but it's so inclusive. So you get a La Cie or some other external hard drive onto which you download the photos, then you start shooting. Deep in the heart of.

Short story for you: Tobias Wolff: "In the Garden of American Martyrs." Oh, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Love the little poems your adding what a great feel to your blog
You're always a source of inspiration xox


Lori Witzel said...

am and Amber -- Aw shucks!

More for Mr. S:
"...Her own thoughts she kept to herself, and the words for them grew faint as time went on; without quite disappearing they shrank to remote, nervous points, like birds flying away. ..."

That Tobias Wolff is somethin' else. If I keep reading his work I won't ever need to get a cup of coffee to wake up. Whew!