Friday, August 15, 2008


"...white grass crackling
all the way to the well shed,
the burning that must
have been coming from me."

From "Messenger" by R. T. Smith


Workload's increased, school's about to start, art history paper's in progress, and thus poky posting. No worries -- I still have rust to share.


lowenkopf said...

Ah, we're back in business. Which is more compelling, the evocation of the window, the composition, the shadows, all of the above. I could see this as an illustration for a southwestern gothic. I certainly can see it.

Unknown said...

Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by and visiting Seguin. It was nice to see another message from you about those Indian Tacos. Alas, my travel buddy and I did not try it that time. But I will next time I get a chance now that you've described it for me.

Good luck with school and all you have going on! :)

Dale said...

Always a wonderful combination of text & photo, but this time, especially wonderful!

Bob Dylan said...

Hey Lori, Nice thoughtful shot here. lots of textures, warm and dry.

those words could be our thoughts