Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blue chair

"...Still, there were photos in her camera,
and bright, teasing little captions to say
--so it wouldn't have been a total disaster. ..."

From "Only Then" (see page 20) by Irving Feldman


I have heard from friends who knew not that I plotted to eat BBQ at Snow's without 'em, and I am now the target for truck-loads of good-humored resentment.

Those unprintable forms of affection are just part of what I'm thankful for as I count my blessings this weekend. May you and yours be as amply and happily blessed as I feel I am. Happy Thanksgiving, all y'all.


raindog said...

gosh darnit, i love that little blue chair ... and the whole scene.

have a great holiday, lori!

lowenkopf said...

And we give thanks for being able to eavesdrop on your visit to the shrine in Lexington.

I'm thinking what a book THAT would make, BBQs of Texas. And how archaeologists to come would love excavating the pits and shacks and piles of bones, and oh, what wouldn't they make of the sauce?

Happy and tasty holiday.