Friday, November 28, 2008

Garage apartment

"...why no. . . this too is fanciful. . . funny how
hard it is to be slow and delicate in this,
this thing of framing..."

From "My Generation Reading the Newspapers" by Kenneth Patchen


Dale said...


lowenkopf said...

Just shows how values change from state to state: we in California like to leave our cars outside ad bring our pets inside, come darknes.

Squirrel said...

I like the many gold tones in this pic--even the pavement looks a warm

am said...

This looks familiar. A friend of mine, a gardener, who died on his 50th birthday on December 15, 1997, once rented a garage which he made into an apartment. He's the one who said to me when we were 22 and 24, "You know, you're a little daffy yourself." After he died, I dreamed of daffodils.

Thanks so much for the link to Kenneth Patchen's Painted Picture Poems. I love them, along with your photos which are poems, too.