Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ghost flames

Too tired to clean a new photo, but my fingers are still itching to post. impromptu collection of the search terms by which some people recently have landed here:

louis nevelson
electric tree
lori witzel
dyc trucking
reflexive architecture
divine chatoyance
crime story 300 words
photography chatoyance
sue standing poem
charity books for africa doris lessing
curly witzel cowboy
regarding art by nazim hikmet
ghost flames
hans hoffman elysium
ipomoea indica hardiness
a lucky penny poem
story about 300 words
porch swing in september by ted kooser analysis
my dreams my works must wait till after hell comments
why did edward hirsch write poor angels
what chatoyance
chatoyance art studio
scripter rud
louise nevelson picture
the cedar limbs
the pottery of the gallina complex-hibben
on a dock on a rainy day
poem to feel better backache
poem child flying through the air
the force through which the green fuse moves
blue streak lori
in the cedar-limbs
indra's net illustration
ruby chatoyance
chatoyance birds eye
analyze poem the cabbage by ruth stone
track coaching poem
ruota della for
creeley divisions order. order. the bottle contains
backache poem
kokopelli vectored
festival small poem
illustration feet, shoes
famous enjambment
who will know us?-gary soto analysis
quote from louis nevelson
audrey flack chanel
inner beauty poems illustrations photos blog stumbleupon
blake's mind-forg'd manacles
artificial horizon by sue standing
hexagram 30
alpine texas allergies
self sacrifice illustration
eccentric polygons,frank stella
jay-jay johnson self-portrait blogspot
surfaces by kay ryan
eccentric polygon
frank stella eccentric polygons
tree energy in photos
spare part lori
piercing gaze
learning to love america by shirley geok lin lim
smell of orange peels
lori poem
was long gone
lactuca virosa photos
what is a happy color
the why of things
hat spotting
witzels point view
lady bug san gabriel forest
drawing heavy set people
osteopath poems
jose montoya in cursive
biplane rides in austin tx
tree energy electricity
back ache poem
illustration grendel
dan chelotti
photos louis nevelson
48 fleetline for sell
campfire smoke chemicals


Granny J said...

That's a wonderful collection. Does that include text and image searches?

lowenkopf said...

Nothing about barbecue, however.

jarvenpa said...

I love this, Lori. My favorite search item was:
my dreams my works must wait till after hell comments

Something about that just tickles my fancy. Maybe because it makes me think hell is just something like "lunch" or "another meeting with the board of directors"

(ooh, and look. My word verification is almost Jane Austen!
"bingly") (that, or something that jangles when you walk through the wildnerness, making nice music)