Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slow posting, slant brickwork

"...This light is brittle,
old pale hair kept in a letter. ..."

From "Louisiana Line" by Betty Adcock


More business conferences pressing, more research paper work to do, more art history paper refurbishment ahead, and so ever-slower posting.

When I posted daily, I'd spend four or five hours wandering with a camera both weekend days, and some weeks a lunch time or three thrown in -- that's what it took to get fresh goodness for the sharing.

Now that I'm working through lunches and spending my weekends with schoolwork (or, this year, spending more time on misadventures than normal)...ah well.

That's all a long way of saying this too shall pass, but right now posting will be at a slow-poke pace until it isn't. And for those folks who wander by -- thanks. I'll surface again with pixels to share in a few.


lowenkopf said...

Events do have a way of catching up with us. I'm distracted by a book in progress and a MFA curriculum that wants, how do they say it, articulation. Oh, for the days of leisure.

When the going gets tough, we eat barbecue.

See you at Snow's.

raindog said...

what a great angle and all. i'm diggin it.

Dale said...

we'll wait :-)

Seems to be the busy season! I've no time, also.

jarvenpa said...

Just so you know I am wandering by...though I don't always post a comment...and thinking of you,.

R.L. Bourges said...

hope things improve for you time-wise, Lori.

kasturi said...

as always, i love your photos, lori. This one reminds me of one I recently posted at nnf - it's called 'passing through' if you have a chance to view it.

~ k

Dana S. Whitney said...

Whether you post lots or little, the images are always thought provoking and I'm glad to see them. Best.