Thursday, April 27, 2006

American rust


Willie Baronet said...

I love this!!! You're so patriotic.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Great shot! Was this intentionally made to look like the American flag? It's so cool!

Lori Witzel said...

Thanks for the luv, guys!

Dave, the only modifications I made were to crouch down enough to get a better angle on the chains, and to brighten and intensify a bit in Photoshop to it looked more the way I see things.

The rules of my game? Unless it's explicity a photocollage (and my Photoshop skills are so weak as to make that real hard) all I do is tweak a bit to replicate the impact on my mind's eye when I saw the thing.

Unknown said...

Hi Lory! I' m glad to introducing you Miras, this web thing is great, isn' it?
Meeting and sharing!

Roz Foster said...

This is beautiful, L. You have such a good eye. This is a seriously phenomenal shot. You ever show your photography?

MB said...

Welcome home! I'm playing catch-up today and enjoying your last few posts.

This one could almost be political commentary, depending on which way one went with it!

Tricky Trev said...

Where do you find this stuff? You're bonkers Lo-Wi! (That's you're new Hollywood type nickname; ie: J-Lo, K-Fed, Li-Lo, Stitch, etc. etc.)

Only in America can our metals develop rust in the shape of stars. I've heard that bald eagles sometimes crap stripes.

Pedro said...

Stars and stripes on theur best. Great!

Lori Witzel said...

Roz, the only place I show is here...I've dared Willie Baronet into a joint show of actual, real, physical artwork, but our day jobs keep getting in the way. Thanks for the "atta girls," it keeps me motivated to find more!

MB, you got the next layer down spot-on. And thanks for the luv!

Trevor, am beginning to think the act of looking calls this schtuff into existence from a parallel universe. Found all the entryways in the old-town area where my in-laws live in North Carolina had the same star-struck metalwork.

PMBC, thanks! I like the stars and stripes here much better than in some other ways/places I've seen them. These are much more peaceful.