Sunday, April 02, 2006



Tanya said...

Excellent - what a vintage feel!

Shane said...

Ha, I am a registered organ donor. An appropriate bus to pick up the pieces.

The ufo greetings and 'trust no one' text is a bit of a worry as I hope my body parts don't end up in a alien. But then again we may all be aliens on this planet anyway.

I bet there's more to shoot on this lovely bus before it dissolves into the soil. Your so lucky to have found this one and am looking forward to more.

ThomP said...

I been away and you been busy!

HAHAHAHA organ painting:)

Lori Witzel said...

Notice they didn't specify WHICH organ?


This lovely piece of auto-art was sitting in a driveway in a rather upscale suburb. (Sometimes my intuition brings me around a bend in the least likely places for the most wonderful finds.) Had to shoot it quick, before the neighbors asked what I was up to.

Glad y'all liked!

MB said...

There's gotta be a story for this!