Sunday, April 09, 2006

Illustration Friday Part 2:
The Speed of Dark

"... Not knowing arrives before knowing; the future arrives before the present. From this moment, past and future are the same in different directions, but I am going that way and not this way. ... When I get there, the speed of light and the speed of dark will be the same. ..."

The Speed of Dark
Copyright 2003 Elizabeth Moon


gracie said...

Hey Lori! thanks for visiting Wild Grace. Confession: you were already on my bloglines! Like this quote and drawing (since I write a lot about the dark). Actually, my fav is your daphne photo.

Heartful said...

Excellent drawing, great quote, they complement each other well.

carla said... boggles my mind a bit! I do like the drawing very much...different shades of dark blue, great linework.

The Unknown said...

Excellent. Love the illo and the words.

Shane said...

One of the more insightful ones I've seen on the subject.

disappointed said...

thought provoking and subtle!

Willie Baronet said...

Hmmm. The speed of dark, eh? Trying to keep me up nights? :-)

Very nice piece!!

Roz Foster said...

Clever, creepy title. Time warps warp me. Nice dark, ghostly sketch!