Monday, April 03, 2006

Random acts of fast-food signage


Willie Baronet said...

There is really nothing to say about this other than it's perfect. In every way. :-) Thanks for the shout out over the weekend, hope you guys had fun!!

ThomP said...

I'm beginning to think you live in some sort of 'land of the funny sign'... Nicely spotted.

Janet said...


TheTart said...

Is that a poka dot bottom, LOL!

Toooooooo funny.

The Tart

Roz Foster said...

Ha! How Texan. And that Organ Painting truck. Too hilarious. Such disparate little tidbits are going on all over this truck, and yet when you think about them collectively, they make a good deal of sense gathered in one little space like that.

Lori Witzel said...

Hi there, everyone -- am so glad you liked!

Willie, sometimes I just get lucky.

ThomP, I may indeed live in The Land of The Funny Sign. Either that, or I've discovered a crack in the universe where our collective funnybones have gone to live.

Jocelyn, yep, that's one gi-normous pair of Polka-Dot Big Panties.

Roz, glad these gave you a grin!

Hope you all have fun today.

Susan Schwake said...

Well, doesnt that make you hungry for more? and think of the possiblities for the organ painting company! red! blue! green!
hee hee hee, this is so so funny, thanks for sharing!
(i am an ! abuser here i think.)

MB said...

That is just bizarre! Hilarious!

Rikki said...

You certainly have knack for capturing the feeling of your subjects :)
I love old advertising, so much more coolerer than new advertising

Tricky Trev said...

Ha! You take great photos. I must say you certainly have a knack for finding unique subject matter.

No worries on the Pun-ishment from earlier today. We can pick up where we left off some other time. Keep snapping those awesome pics!

lydia said...

beefy buns. i can relate.