Thursday, June 15, 2006

Closed and locked

Traveling today, but had a little time to share this.


Dave MacIntyre said...

Nice one! I really like these "industrial" shots that combine a mixture of rust, decay and paint colours. Very cool!

Khristina said...

It's hard to imagine so much rust closing, locking, or moving. Such an authoritative statement juxtaposed with such neglect. "I affirm vehemently that I don't give a damn." safe travels, Lori!

lydia said...

Hmmm, and it was last lubed in 2001. That seems like quite a dry spell....if you know what I mean...

Miras said...

Seem locked for quite a long time...
You've got the eye, Lori.

Lori Witzel said...

Dave, to quote the elusive Shane, who quotes the less-elusive Neil...Rust Never Sleeps.

Khristina, thanks for your perceptive wit and your good wishes for my travels! Alas, I can't get my Mac to work with my parent's mysterious internet connection, there's no wireless network I can camp on...while I can respond to y'all I may have to find a Starbucks to post new things.

Lydia, you iz crackin' me up, and yes I was tempted to bring certain, er, props for snarky photo enhancement once I read what was stencilled on the car!

Miras, glad you're liking The Eye. Now if I only had some networking skills -- took some nice pics today and I sure hope I can share them tomorrow!

micki said...

Nice find and glad you had time to share.

Willie Baronet said...

We have winners! This is the Parador ducs de Cardona, in Cardona, Spain. I was very amused by many of the answers, thanks for your creativity and wit!

So it appears I will be drawing 6 winners (assuming they give me something to work from, and it can be anything, even a few words). The winners are: (drumroll)
Sleep Goblin
Lori Witzel
Laurie (who is squeaking by since she is my sister :-)

Look for the posts of these drawings sometime in the future! And thanks again for playing.

xoxoxo, Rrramone

Tricky Trev said...

Ooooooh, cool looking. Is this Chernobyl? I wanna see some freaks behind that door! If you don't have an extra hand growin' outta your back I don't wanna see ya.