Sunday, June 18, 2006

Photo Friday: Automotive


ThomP said...

But I wanted a 'Bolt from the blue'... Not an allen key from the red... Happy travellls:)

Dave MacIntyre said...

Great to hear you got your power supply and your back in biz!

Love this shot Lori.

TheTart said...

A R back home? If yes please post some pics of the kitty cats!! Maybe on flickr?

Nice nuts & bolts, a robots lunch box!
The Tart
; )

Hey ... lost night I made a video of the kitties ... gunna put it on YouTube ... will tell ya when its there!!! Rrramone has has a YouTube account now too! Would love to see "Gimme Your Stuff" have a video of Tim Tam snacking!

Twelfthknit said...

The FIsher KIng was a great moive (on your profile, in case you'd forgot putting it there and wondered why I was being weird!).
I'm up for negotiating re the swap. I am hoping to get ready-prepared fibre - I don't spin 'in the grease' and I'm too lazy to prepare ot myself :0)
What kind of sheep would it come from?
WHat kind of swap would you like?
Cheers, India

tiffini elektra x said...

Mmmmm - bolts! Love the red toolbox as well. Jeez you have an eye!