Saturday, June 10, 2006

Storefront hibiscus

Had to sacrifice some vividness in the red to hold the texture on the petals. Wish you could have seen just how incandescent that red was.


Khristina said...

More chatoyance! I catch reflection behind the wavy petals. Yesterday a friend and I walked the towpath along an old canal...and there was sunlight on rippling water and the doubling of the green world above. Reminded me of your images chatoyants. That hibiscus is almost unbearably beautiful even without its full living color depth. I have another image of these blossoms: a large open spherical glass tea pot filled with almost boiling water, in the middle a hibiscus blossom opens for the second time. These blossoms are also very tasty--have you tried them?

Dave MacIntyre said...

Beautiful! I know what you mean about the red in some flowers...the tulips I shot looked artificial they were so vibrant...I had to desaturate them to increase the detail.